Sunday, June 30, 2013

Women Who Whiskey: Nautical Edition!

{View of the boats from the dock in the Marina}
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in June Women Who Whiskey hosted its second annual Nautical Edition, at the Manhattan Yacht Club's Honorable William Wall Barge, in the Hudson River.

{Leaving the city behind}

{Salmon shorts in every shade!}

It was a scorching sunny day, and after waiting half an hour on the dock for the launch to pick us up, we were in dire need of some shade, a nice ocean breeze, and a frosty cold drink!

{Paige, Andrea, and Kim}

Bedecked in pretty nautical-themed frocks of navy and white, with matching sunhats, we were ready for an afternoon of nautical fun!

{Straw hats and California Champagne}

Lots of people had the same idea as us, and the barge was almost full when we got the on the second launch.

{Ellis Island}

{I <3 NY}
But we managed to nab some spots at the bar, and set up shop drooling over the charming Australian bartender and his endearing blonde curls and dimples. Phil, our token wWw gentleman, was not as smitten, but there was some eye candy for him as well.

{The sexy bartenders}
{Downstairs in the lounge}
{Phil and Julia}
{Kim, Paige, and Julia}
The view from the Barge is spectacular, with the NYC skyline on one side, and the sinking sun on the New Jersey side. 

We spent a lot of time admiring the view and taking pictures. 

{Ahoy there!}
It was a little too hot for Whiskey (I know, sacrilegious!) so we mostly stuck to Champagne, Gin & Tonics, and I had an end of the night Rye & Ginger to make sure we had at least one whiskey between us.

{Mary and her pretty frock!}

{Mary and Julia}

{Mary and Julia}
After an afternoon of drinking, posing, chatting, and people watching, we were rewarded with a spectacular sunset. 

{Ellis Island}

We basked in the warm glow of the evening light, and took even more photos, wWw drinks in hand.


{Paige, Kim, Amber, and Julia}

After the sun set, and a few more drinks, we finally wrapped it up and headed home, another Women Who Whiskey success under our belts. 

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