Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the Rocks: Gentlemen Edition

To open the Fall 2011 Season, Women Who Whiskey held it's second ever Gentlemen Edition, an expanded Women Who Whiskey event to which significant others and gentlemen friends are also invited to partake in the whiskey festivities.

Women Who Whiskey: Gentlemen Edition Part II was hosted at On The Rocks, one of my favorite new whiskey bars in town. 

On The Rocks has no pretentions, and it doesn't need them. With the second largest collection of whiskey in all of New York City (quite an impressive feat in a city with so many whiskey bars)--and a staff of friendly and very competent bartenders (although they could be, the bartenders at On The Rocks would abhor being called mixologists)--the bar is simple, friendly, welcoming, and down to earth. 

On The Rocks has twenty-five different kinds of bitters, to make your custom cocktail or to reinvent an old classic. 

A little bit like Little Branch, the bartenders take orders a la carte, giving you a base price for the whiskey you order, plus a bit for whatever kind of cocktail you order, and how you want it. 

On the rocks is where I was introduced to Michter's, Bulleit, and Buffalo Trace--all three producing delicious, but distinct, Manhattans. 

So I thought it would be the perfect place for a Women Who Whiskey event. I scoped out the bar the week prior and made friends with Howard, the owner, seemingly disgruntled at first but actually quite funny and full of great stories. He told me that if I came on a Sunday we would pretty much have the place to ourselves. 

And we did.

We chatted with the bartender--always happy to give a mini booze lesson--sampled some delicious whiskies, and tried out some tasty cocktails.

The bartender may have even given us a little sample of some newcomers.

Though a smaller event than the first Gentlemen Edition, it was nonetheless a huge success, and the bar was a fun discovery for those who had never been.

 I highly recommend On The Rocks if you want delicious, quality whiskey, well-made cocktails, and none of the pomp and circumstance that you usually find in bars with so many kinds of bitters.

696 10th Ave
(between 48th and 49th Streets)