Friday, May 31, 2013

Save the Date! Women Who Whiskey: Belmont Stakes

Saturday June 8th is The Belmont Stakes, New York's very own version of the Kentucky Derby! 

And what better event than a horse race for a Women Who Whiskey event? 

We can lounge around in the grass, in giant hats and seersucker suits, (secretly) sipping on Mint Juleps or Belmont Breezes! Here's a little history of the (several) official drinks of the Belmont Stakes.

We can bring a picnic and beverages (in theory no booze is allowed, but if you disguise it in non-booze bottles no one checks) and set up in the open seating area. I'm going to try to get there early, probably around 11, to reserve a large area, but feel free to come later and meet up. I usually stay until 4 or 5pm, but there are trains all the time if you want to leave earlier.

The admission is $10 but you get discount with your train ticket, and the LIRR Belmont Stakes Special is $14 round trip so besides food and booze, the whole event is less than $25. 

Please RSVP if you're interested in joining us, so that I can keep track of who I'm organizing with for food and drinks, and so that I figure out who's taking the train as a group.

Call or text with any questions or RSVP changes. 

Hope to see you there!

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