Friday, May 3, 2013

Can a Cocktail Make You More Creative?

Slate actually wrote about this very thing, researching whether or not artists who drank often mixed their imbibing with their creative efforts. 

And what did they find? Apparently many great artists would side with Sam. Slate writer Mason Currey notes that "Even the alcoholics recognized that drinking made their creative output a little too effortless." The painter Francis Bacon or the writer Earnest Hemingway would often drink large quantities while out with friends in the evening, but would rarely mix that with work (both did rise quite early in the morning, regardless of the previous late night, and get right to work). Similarly, F. Scott Fitzgerald blocked out some of the day to be an alcohol-free work period, recognizing that he wasn't nearly as productive when mixing the two. 
Read more about cocktails and creativity on The Kitchn.

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