Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Women Who Whiskey Go Back to the Barge!

Our Second Annual Women Who Whiskey: Nautical Edition in June was such a success that we rallied an even bigger group to head Back to the Barge at the end of August! 

On a gorgeous late summer evening, just in time for Friday happy hour, we boarded the launch and headed back to our favorite floating establishment, the Honorable William Wall Barge. 

We had a sizable group, including a number of our of preferred gentlemen guests, and a few new lady members! 

It happened to be on the same day as a celebratory event for that summer's graduating class of junior sailing instructors--many of whom were foreign--so the barge was overrun with tan, sun-streaked, rowdy 20-year-old Irish lads. They were incredibly charming, and unfortunately, incredibly young.

But we managed to entertain ourselves, drinking, chatting, laughing, eating (this time we had the foresight to bring food!), and once again we watched a spectacular sunset descend over the Hudson River. 

It was the perfect way to bid adieu to the hot days of summer, drink in hand. 

When Kim wears heels it makes no difference that I am--she's still a foot taller! 
Wine before whiskey!
The bevy of boys behind Kim. 
Pastels over Brooklyn.

Our gentlemen guests! 

It was so windy and our hair was everywhere! 

But we managed to snap at least one photo where the wind wasn't whipping my hair everywhere!

Jon and Amanda
Paige and Kim
Basking in the setting sun.
A bouquet of bright colors!

Anthony and Jason, looking dapper
Shannon, looking magestic
The jade girls! 
Amanda and Jon
Amanda's homemade Spanish Tortilla at the end of the night was a godsend
Paige, Kim, and Julia
There was just too much fun to be had!
The moon rising over Manhattan. 
We're all looking forward immensely to next summer, when we'll get to go back to the barge once more.

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