Thursday, September 6, 2012

History of Scotch Whiskey

Women Who Whiskey has inadvertently placed an emphasis on Whiskeys of the American variety. Most bars--especially speakeasy revivals--focus on Bourbons and Ryes because that's what was being made here during Prohibition, and it's what was being sent down from Canada.

Not to mention that Scotch--when done properly--it a very expensive habit.

But we still decided that writing off a whole genre of whiskey--one which many call the best--just because we didn't know enough about it was unwise. So a few of us ladies decided to brush up on our knowledge of Scotch by taking a class at the Brooklyn Brainery.

The instructor was a positively charming Scotsman, David McNicoll, who knows Scotch better than I know my own family (which says a lot) and was full of humorous anecdotes and quips. The class was engaging, instructive, and we finished off with a Scotch tasting... yum!

"Whisky is the national drink of Scotland, and the most popular spirit in the world: it is a multi-billion dollar industry employing thousands globally and one of the UK’s leading exports. Yet, it is more, much more than this; it’s a story – a story of a drink, a culture, a people, a land and a way of life. From the humblest of origins, to the glamorous world of ‘Mad Men’ Scotch has come a long way, and it is a fascinating tale.

So, with glass in hand we will begin that journey and explore the origins of spirit, its eventual arrival into Scotland and how the process was refined and perfected to the malts and blends we enjoy today. We will also stare through the looking glass of time to the people who made whisky so popular; the fight against government and taxmen; halcyon days and the dark days; its global reach with roots still firmly planted in the hills and glens of rural Scotland.

I’ll explain how the stuff is actually made, where it is made and how geography as well as history has had a part to play in whisky’s development. How is Scotch different to Bourbon or Irish, and how have their stories differed and related to our saga? There are quirky stories, interesting characters and the mystery of the lost distilleries to illuminate us as we unravel the secret of the Water of Life. Oh, and you get to sample some too!"

For more information, or to sign up, click here!

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