Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Orient Express: Gentlemen Edition Part III

To close out the Fall 2011 Season, Women Who Whiskey held the third Gentlemen Edition event at The Orient Express.

The Orient Express is a little jewel of a bar. Modeled after a 1920s train car from the Orient Express--with wooden luggage racks on the walls peppered with vintage suitcases and books--the bar is next door to the Turks & Frogs--a wine bar--and owned by the same people.

The lighting is dim and cozy, with jazz classics like Etta James and Billie Holiday playing quietly in the background. Intimately lit tables for two dot the long narrow establishment, and the bar always has beautiful floral arrangements displayed to greet you as you come in.

And the cocktails are amazing. Not just a whiskey bar, The Orient Express serves reimagined variations of all the tastiest cocktails from Prohibition--Gin Fizzes, Old Fashioneds, and Sazeracs. And the skilled bartenders will make you anything you don't see on the menu.

The waitstaff is gracious and accommodating and very on top of it. We had only one waitress for a rather large group and she stayed on top of everyone's tabs, never making anyone wait.

It even has a small kitchen and offers a variety of appetizers and small entrees. What I had--a sort of grilled chicken panini with fresh mango chutney--was absolutely delicious, as seemed everything else on the menu.

The Orient Express is the ideal bar for any date--it's quiet, intimate, and romantic--but also for a night out with some girls.

 I would highly recommend going, if only to try their elderflower cocktails.

325 West 11th St
(between Greenwich and Washington Streets)

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