Saturday, July 28, 2012

Women Who Whiskey: Nautical Edition

Women Who Whiskey reconvened for a long-awaited summer event: 

Women Who Whiskey: Nautical Edition!


I'd been looking forward to planning a nautical even for a while, and I finally found a day that worked for everyone. 

Unfortunately our first event got rained out, but we promptly rescheduled for the following week. 

WWW: Nautical Edition was held on the Manhattan Yacht Club Floating Clubhouse: The Honorable William Wall Barge. 


During the winter the barge is docked at the North Cove marina, but in the summer--between May and October--the barge is anchored in the middle of the Hudson River off the coast of Ellis Island. 

The location is a short boat ride away (boats to the barge only leave every 30 minutes, free for Manhattan Yacht Club members and $10 round trip for everyone else--More detailed instructions can be found here) and offers a splendid view of both downtown Manhattan and the sunset over the New Jersey coast.

The bar is fully stocked--and the prices are quite reasonable, considering the clientele is captive--and you can even bring your own food for a maritime picnic.  

In honor of the event, I donned my navy and white nautical dress, and learned about a sailor's (unfortunately non-whiskey, but still delicious) cocktail: Rum tonic and lime. 

It sounds awful, but it's actually quite good--and I don't usually love rum--and it served its purpose on the high seas! 

Tonic (quinine) for malaria, lime for scurvy, and rum because that's what's available when sailing around the New World (full of sugarcane plantations). 

You learn something new every day.

We spent a wonderful evening drinking, chatting, and enjoying the beautiful sunset in true Women Who Whiskey spirit. 

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  1. It was awesome! Such a lovely activity for a summer evening in New York City.