Friday, May 6, 2011

Whiskey Park: Gentlemen Edition Part I

To close out the Spring 2011 Season, Women Who Whiskey hosted it's first ever Gentlemen Edition, an expanded Women Who Whiskey event to which significant others and gentlemen friends are also invited to partake in the whiskey festivities.

Women Who Whiskey: Gentlemen Edition Part I was held at Whiskey Park, located in Donald Trump's Parc Tower and part of the Gerber Group.

The location--with it's sectioned off group seating areas, long bar, and even a pool table, was the perfect venue for twenty-five people to sit, stand, mingle and enjoy themselves.

The manager was very accommodating and allowed me to reserve seating for just drinks for a large group.

But--unlike Employees Only or Little Branch--Whiskey Parked lacks that authentic, one of a kind feeling that so many hole-in-the-wall prohibition era bars have.

The decor was modern, and a bit jarring, the wait staff, although lovely girls, would have been at home in any sports bar, and the whole atmosphere was a bit sterile and unoriginal--not surprising since it is a chain establishment associated with Donald Trump.

The cocktails, although drinkable, were not excellent. The Manhattan was watery and over-mixed and the Mint Juleps were just adequate. Pours of whiskey were slightly more expensive than the West Village average, but without the service and ambiance to justify it.

I would not return to Whiskey Park for it's cocktails, but I did appreciate their effort to accommodate our group, and the wait staff was very friendly, and the gentlemen certainly appreciated the pool table. I would recommend this establishments for large groups and corporate outings.

Women Who Whiskey will be back in September with a new Fall 2011 Season.

100 Central Park South
(between 6th and 7th Aves)

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